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Usage of IVR in Insurance Companies

Insurance companies have to perform many routine tasks which can be performed by an IVR ( Interactive Voice Response) System for benefit of both Insurance company as well as its clients. With IVR client will be able to perform many tasks like lodging a new claim, get claim status as well as other information using their landline or mobile phone from anywhere.

Here are the few tasks which could be performed :-

1. IVR as instant lodging of accident claim or any claims

An inbound IVR can be used to lodge any new claim with verification like registered phone number or policy ID. On successful registration of claim, caller would be given an Unique claim ID. During registration of new claim, it can gather important information like claim type ( Accidental, natural death, Vehicle insurance). This will help sorting new claims category-wise and build useful MIS.

2. Status Inquiry

IVR is a very useful system for status enquiry and for insurance claim status, it can be very helpful. Any caller can dial to IVR number, punch in its claim ID and she would be able to hear the claim status. SOme outbound IVR can also be used to alert any client of any update on their claims. This will help insurance company dispose of any claims in timely manner.

3. General Insurance Enquiry

IVR can also be used as a voice portal about various insurance schemes, new schemes etc. to its client as well as new caller. It can also launch an outbound IVR campaign informing its services. Voice Portal can also have option of call transfer to human agent which can assist converting an enquiry to sale immediately.

4. OBD Alert for premium deposits

Outbound IVR can be used to remind pending or upcoming premium payment to its clients. This will help its clients to pay up in time to avoid any late payment as the insurance companies will benefit with timely receipt of premiums.

5. Hospital Information

One useful service which IVR can offer to clients of insurance company is providing hospital information on phone. A medical policy holder can dial and find listen to list of empaneled hospital during any medical emergency on phone.

6. Speak to local insurance agent by PIN code

Another useful feature in IVR system for Insurance companies could be patching of calls to local insurance agent using PIN code. Any caller to IVR would be required to punch in his area PIN code, and the IVR will then patch his call to insurance agent of that area.

So, IVR can be very useful for automating various business process for Insurance companies where both company and customer would be benefited.

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