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How Dairy Companies Can benefit from IVR

Dairy Industry is one of those industries in India ( or I think in world) where lot of regular transactions take place between dairy company and its retailers/distributors regularly on daily basis. Since milk is a perishable commodity, retailers keep bare minimum stock as per consumption. Also, in India retailers take pre-orders as per upcoming festivals. Here in India, we do have many festivals.

Dairy industries needs to take prior order for various dairy products daily basis. This is a routine and tedious process which have been being done by verbally speaking over telephone. Retailers call up the dairy company and book speak a list of milk products, corresponding quantity while the person at dairy products note them down and feed them in some software or excel sheet. Or, many companies still use good old pen, paper and files.

Many dairy companies takes orders twice a day for next one day as supply of milk products takes place twice a day, morning and evening.

So, these mundane process of order booking which takes place daily, can be completely automated by using a simple IVR( Interactive Voice Response) System. By automating this order booking system, Dairy companies can not only reduce human resources cost, but also increase efficiency and better service to its retailr network.

Using IVR for order booking for Dairy Companies have many benefits.

1. Many retailers operate in villages where there is no access to internet or difficult to get computer literate person. But mobile phone connectivity is almost everywhere in India now a days. So, most probably, IVR order booking is the only option to automate this milk product order booking.

2. Milk or Dairy Product retailers are mostly illiterate or do not know English, in which most software work. Smartphones too use English as main language. In IVR, local languages can be used to announce about dairy product lists, order quantity etc. So, it becomes much easier for retailers to use IVR based Order Booking System in Dairy Industry.

3. Anyone who has a phone knows how to operate it. Well, there is almost nothing to learn to operate a phone by anyone, but alternatives method like Computer Software require retailers to get trained to use the software. Not IVR! anyone who knows how to operate a mobile phone or a phone can start using the IVR based order booking system immediately.

So, most probably, if you work in Dairy Industry, it is time to start using IVR to automate your order booking system by using IVR and increase efficiency, accuracy and better reporting.

Apart from order booking, same IVR application and infrastructure an be used as complaint management system for Dairy Company too.

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