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How Website Companies Grow with IVR Systems

Most of the time IVR ( Interactive Voice Response) Systems for a company are called IVR Portal – A portal which literally mean an imposing gate. It surely works as an gate for the company that owns the IVR system as it greets every visitor which reaches to the company using a telephone.

Similarly, an website of a company or a organisation works as similar ‘gate’ where anyone who tries to reach them using internet, is greeted by their website or web portal.

From above, it is quite clear that IVR portal for any company is equally important as web portal for that company of business. There are many website companies who has been providing web portal services to many businesses, which has helped business grow. But, not many businesses have used or leveraged IVR portal to grow their business, specially in India. But in other developed market like USA and Europe, almost every business houses use IVR.

In India, many business do not use IVR simply because they are not aware how use of IVR can help them grow their business, track any incoming enquiries over phone. In a way, the way website can help a business, an IVR System can also help a business similarly.

Websites Development companies can increase their business with bundling of their services with IVR systems too, along with their web portal development services. They can provide total business lead management system along for a business by using website and IVR, instead of just providing website development service. It will be win-win situation for both businesses.

With cloud telephony getting more and more popular and increasing acceptability, IVR system has become more and more affordable for any type of businesses, be it small or large.

With availability of many IVR toolkit, visual tools for developing IVR call flow, it has become much easier to develop customised IVR systems.

With bundling of IVR Systems, web companies can add many value addition to their services. IVR can be introduced as new feature for existing websites which would help track business enquiries over phones.

So, website development companies can grow by providing IVR services to their new clients as well as existing clients.

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  • Raakesh December 15, 2014, 9:28 am

    Hello, I am looking to become an IVR and toll free seller(not reseller preferably) in India. Any help on how can i do that? I am a software engineer so maybe some technical information will be a great help.

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