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VoIP is likely to allowed in India: How it would impact IVR market

As per recent reports, VoIP is likely to be allowed in India by next month. “India’s Telecom Commission has approved allowing voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) services under the National Telecom Policy (NTP), 2012, in a move that is aimed at making telecom services more affordable”, the report says.

VOIP to be allowed in India

I think, this is huge news for many stake holders in IVR ( Interactive Voice Response) world! It will immediately give a boost to voice calling and most probably, people may not like to use Missed Call any more! The immediate question is, are CTI board manufacturers going to see jump in sales of their VoIP products ?

Here are my thinking how this new may have impact on IVR business in India :-

1. Boost to Hosted IVR as well as Cloud Telephony

With VoIP in India, hosted IVR as well a Cloud Telephony would get a much needed boost. Also, it will help established cloud telephony service provider like Aculab or hosted IVR provider like Message Technologies Inc. enter into the Indian market with 650 million plus telephone users! With their presence in India, the quality of IVR service may improve and they may also get access to more skilled manpower to develop various application using their platforms.

Developers would be able to test their application just by using their PC or laptop on VOIP, without having to spend extra money for making an TDM telephonic call!

2. Increase of sale of TDM-VoIP Gateway

It must be a good news for CTI manufactures, specially for Dialogic which is rumored to be facing some financial issues. I think, CTI manufacturer will be able to increase their sales by selling new products VoIP-TDM Gateways or licensees. Almost all major CTI manufacturers like Dialogic, Aculab, Sangoma, have impressive product line using VoIP technology, but missing Indian market.

Allowing VoIP in India should help them sell their VoIP products in India.

3. Fall of Price Bulk Voice Call and Click To Call

Most probably, voice call rate is the lowest in India at present, still many people find the rates higher than VoIP counterparts. So, with VoIP, the call rates for bulk voice messaging as well as Click To Call service may fall more. This in turn may see growth of their usage.

4. IVVR may also get a boost

Interactive Video and Voice Response may also see increase its usage as this service would be now accessible legally from a PC or laptop too! It was other wise a exclusive privilege of smart phone owners with deep pocket for making video calls!

On downside, most probably, Missed Call may not be as attractive as it used to be!

Most probably, customer will be the ultimate beneficiary in many fronts! But I hope, this will also help IVR industry as a whole.

These are my thinking, any feedback would be highly welcome!

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  • Justin March 31, 2012, 6:38 am

    People in India or Abroad were using Voip even if it has restrictions. Foreign websites and companies were benefited of it. I am in Australia I always use Voip to call India and They never or rarely call from India. Indian companies are not benefited in my case.

    Allowing voip in its full r partial form are both same in regards to security. And the security issues are handled with use of technology not barring another technology.

    Indian Government want to help Mobile operators , they tell the point security to gimmick people. Allowing Voip Help ISP to terminate calls to Mobile or homephones.

  • Alok July 4, 2012, 4:55 pm

    Can you let me know current status of VOIP in India.
    What about Hosted IVR business in India.

  • Dave Thomas December 10, 2012, 7:57 pm

    It will immediately give a boost to voice calling and most probably, people may not like to use Missed Call any more.

  • rajaguru July 8, 2013, 1:01 pm

    can u provide the current status if VoIP in india

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