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Visually Navigating IVR Menus on SmartPhone

One of the most frustrating experience while calling a customer care phone number is to browse through maze of IVR ( Interactive Voice Response) menus, and then holding the line while waiting to speak to a human agent. With the advent of SmartPhones with touch screen, most probably, it was natural that some visual tool would appear for navigating IVR menus to choose the required option and then speak to a human agent!

SmartOperator is such product for iconic IPhone users which “provides an alternate way to visually navigate the maze that an automated phone system is. The app will get you to a human operator quickly. No need for you to listen to the slow, droning machine on their system.”

Sergei Chevtsov and his friend, alumni from Stanford University who together have almost 20 years of experience in software development, had developed the product for navigating IVR menus visually!

I find this “Visual navigation of IVR menu” quite interesting. Though people may quickly point out, those who have smart phones, would always use “Net Options” for customer service! Well, still it does not replace the option of speaking and explaining about your problem to another fellow human! ( Some times venting frustrations by shouting at the customer service officer.)

This kind of arrangement ( visual navigation of IVR menu) should be useful in customer service centres like Telecom Operators where the browsing through maze of menus is painful and then the holding line to speak to human agent is long.

It would be beneficial for telecom operator too, by using telephone resources optimally. ( Yes, while one is holding the line, telephone resources is being used by the caller unproductively).

I think, “Holding Line waiting to speak to live agent” is the main reason why people hate IVR. This kind of visual navigation tool may decrease the number of IVR haters!

This will also help contact centres ( call centers) utilising their telecom infrastructure, increase efficiency of customer service agents.

Please watch this video to understand more about this Visual Tool to navigate IVR menu. One may download our SmartOp iPhone app and try out some of the signature companies like FedEx, DHL or United airlines to best understand the user experience we are providing. Or experience on the website here.

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