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Knowlarity: Providing Cloud Telephony Platform to India

In my recent Birding trip to Delhi, I had an opportunity to meet Mr. Ambarish Gupta, CEO of Knowlarity Communications Pvt., one of the leading cloud telephony service provider in India. Knowlarity is mostly known for its successful product VR (Virtual Receptionist) which they call Super Receptionist.

Knowlarity - providing cloud telephony service in India

Knowlarity – providing cloud telephony service in India

Ambarish Gupta is 2000 pass out of Indian Institute of Kanpur in Computer Science and Engineering. After that he went to USA, di his MBA and lived almost 10 years in USA. Then he came back to India to start Knowlarity in 2009. He told me about interesting story how he founded the company.

During Indian general election in 2009, his friend who was based in India asked him to develop reliable outbound dialer to make outbound calls to voters to vote for certain East Indian Politician. Fortunately, that party won the election and there was no looking back. They worked had to build their IVR platform Knowlus and got VC ( Venture Capital) funding.

Like many start ups, Ambarish had also experienced ups and downs and built many products but could not do a focused marketing. So, finally, they have decided to concentrate on their IVR platform Knowlus.

Knowlus is a telephony platform developed in Python in Asterisk platform like many cloud telephony service providers in India which uses low cost CTI boards like Sangoma, ATCom or Digium. According to Ambarish, they have made it very stable, highly scalable.

This Knowlus platform also have a IVR Studio, a visual drag and drop tool for developing voice applications or IVR Call flow, which actually outputs Python source code, Ambarish told. I found the IVR Studio to be adequate for building various voice applications.

So, what is unique about Knowlarity ?

Most probably, it is the largest Cloud Telephony Service Provider in India with more than approximately 200 employees in India. They also operate in 65 countries with offices in 8 countries.

Most probably, the unique thing about Knowlarity is, they develop IVR call flow for their clients free of cost using their IVR Studio. So, they not only provide the IVR platform, but also develop voice applications while other cloud IVR providers just provide the call flow development tool for users to design their own IVR.

Knowlarity’s Virtual Receptionist product has can be highly customised and it can function as a ful fledged self help inbound IVR. Best part is, the call flow can be designed using visual tool IVR Studio.

As Ambarish has told me, Knowlarity is now concentrating more on providing the IVR platform to others whoever may want to host their IVR products, be it a retailer or a user. It will be interesting how this will work out in cloud telephony industry in India.

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