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Interesting usage of IVR system

There are many interesting usage of IVR systems all across the globe. IVR is being used to earn money for company, save expenses, increase efficiency, increase sales etc. But how about using IVR to increase agricultural production ?
Yes, some industrious people have thought of that and implemented IVR which give out weather forecast to farmers. The IVR also provides information and tips about crop selection, proper sowing time, pest, choosing optimum time for using fertilizers etc.

Handygo Ltd., a wireless solution provider and VAS content provider, has started this IVR service Punjab and Haryana, two Indian states. They intend to launch the service pan India. With increasing mobile users in India, this IVR service may surely help farmers use of technology for their agricultural product increase.

Here is the news excerpts :-

Handygo Ltd, a wireless solution provider in Mobile and Value Added services is sharing weather forecast with the farmers. They are providing meteorological information through Interactive Voice response system (IVRS) and GPRS in the rural sectors. The technology is claimed to empower the farmers to have information along with weather forecast, an advice on agricultural inputs on various kinds of crops prepared by agricultural experts on their mobile phones. After signing a memorandum with Indian Meteorological department, has extensively researched and gathered information about the various regions, its locale and its agriculture.
Dr. L.S. Rathore, Head Agromet & Additional Director General of Meteorology from IMD said in New Delhi on Wednesday “Our association with Handygo is vital and their contribution in rural sector is overwhelming. We are proud to have such associates in the wireless markets. Also it is a good example of PPP (public private partnership) to render service for rural India”
Source : Voice of India

Link : http://www.voiceofindia.in/content/view/5777/74/

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  • Abhishek Mittal, Jaipur. December 2, 2009, 10:38 am

    It’s good to hear that technologists think for farmers in India!! but if Handygo Ltd is associating with any Govt. organization, it will surely fail. Ofcourse. No one can survive with any Indian Govt.—
    खुद तो डूबेंगे सनम, तुझे भी ले डूबेंगे
    All ministers are illiterate and hungry persons who know only to eat, eat and eat. They don’t know to make profit for anybody else except himself.
    Only exceptions are there if any minister is good. Majority is like that i told.

  • Uttam Pegu December 2, 2009, 2:52 pm

    Interesting observation about Indian politics, I must say.

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