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How call log in IVR system benefits your business

Apart from many benefits of IVR ( Interactive Voice Response) System for any business, call logs of IVR can be very beneficial. Normally, all IVR systems maintain a detailed call logs also known as CDR ( Call Data Record). In any modern and intelligent IVR, Activity Report is also expected to be maintained where every key-press, option choices made by the caller are maintained with time stamp as well as menu level.

These call logs are presented in human readable format and some IVR may even provide off-line simulation (playback) of the activities done by the caller! This kind of information and reporting of IVR calls can not only be used for improving usability of the IVR but also learning caller behaviour as well as lead capture and generation purposes for various businesses! Travel and Hospitality industry is such business where this kind of information can be converted to qualified business lead immediately.

What kind of Call Logs IVR system owner should expect ?

There are majorly two types of call logs an IVR can maintain.

1. Call Reports

This is an IVR report which stores and present number of calls, Caller ID, duration of Call, dialed number date wise, month wise or duration wise or any other way user may want. This can give quick overview of total usage of the IVR. The IVR which are used in call center or in situation where the call is transferred to a human agent, it should keep record of whom ( extension number) the call was transferred. This may become important in establishing as well as verifying efficiency of the human agent.

2. Activity Reports

Activity report should contain all activity performed by the caller call wise as in #1 above. This report contains every voice prompt played, menu options, as well as any database retrieval or third party API integration if any. This should also store time spent by the caller in responding any menu options. Few small information like if caller pressed any key while menu options being played or at the end of the menu options should also be stored.

How these reports can benefit a business ?

The benefits of above information and report is quite obvious. It can help a business following way:-

1. It will help determine peak time for IVR callers. When peak time are monitored, some one can relate it to any other business activity which may have triggered the increased IVR calls. This information is valuable to for any business planing.

2. By Caller IDs, one may be able to determine the areas from where maximum numbers of people are calling to the IVR. This information can be used to determine potential thrust areas for marketing or problem areas if they are found to be lodging complaints all the time!

3. Activity reports may help learn about callers interest in certain products and this information could be related with their caller ID and area. This may help depute suitable man power for such areas.

Apart from above, there are many ways to use IVR Call logs to benefit business activities! So if your IVR is not providing both Call Records as well as Activity Records, it is time you demand it from your IVR vendor or IVR developer.

Also, if you were not spending time studying call reports provided by your IVR system, it is time you do it and do analyze !

Watch this space for future article about benefit of IVR call reports specific to any industry.

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  • Kirsi O'Connor December 30, 2010, 11:41 pm

    Great topics. Many people forget that setting up an IVR is just the first step. Regularly reviewing the statistics – and making adjustments – is part of the process. I was talking to a customer recently who said that he has a habit of reading his reports every Monday morning. The reports (trends) are used for call center staffing requirements. Reports can provide valuable insight into improving your IVR in that sense that you can see where people hang up, where people transfer to the operator, etc. Based on this information, you can modify your prompts and increase your IVR usage rate and customer satisfaction.

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