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Will ‘Missed Call’ replace SMS ?

Previously, I wrote about few interesting usage of ‘Missed Call‘ for automatic telephone number verification system. Recently, I saw few TV advertisement asking people to give ‘Missed Call’ to a ‘Toll Free‘ number! Most probably, giving ‘Missed Call’ to a “Toll Free Number” is like doubly ensuring the caller that his or her call will never be charged, even if it gets picked up by mistake.

Missed Call : Replacing SMS

But the very fact that, “Missed Call” phenomenon has reached TV Advertisement, seems quite significant to me what we may expect in near future and how it will start replacing usage of SMS ( Short Messaging Service) in many smart telecom applications.

What is Missed Call ?
A Missed Call can be defined as a telephone call, where the caller disconnects the call after a ring or two ( or more) before the called party picks up the incoming call. This is known by different names in different countries. For example, it is known as “Drop Call” in America, “Beep” in Africa, Italy – “squillo” etc.

How Missed Call is used :-

Missed call is popular among masses because it is free for the caller. Every body likes “freebies”, a Missed Call is such a freebie that everybody loves it and using it to exchange messages/information. But how can it be used to exchange message ? The answer lies in its usefulness. “Missed Call” is an incomplete call, but it the called party gets the phone number ( who called it) of the caller. And if you use smart CTI board and ISDN protocol, you get even the “Dialed Number” or DNI ( Dialed Number Identification). So, Missed Call System can be a very useful IVR Application of the present day or future beyond MCA ( Missed Call Alert) Service provided by Mobile Service Providers at Rs. 30 a month!

But, most probably, if telecom operator decided to with draw providing both the ANI ( Automatic Number Identification) and DNI, the whole “Missed Call” system would collapse!

Few Services where Missed Call is likely to replace in near future :

1. SMS Voting
SMS voting was a rage in India few years ago while choosing an “Indian Idol” in TV powered singing competition! The producers of the those “Indian Idol Shows” made lot of money as it SMS voting was charged premium!

2. SMS poll and Feedback
Utility Service providers tries to get feedback from its users by asking them to send an SMS. This kind of feedback system can be implemented using a missed call system.

3. Activate/Deactivate any Service
To activate or deactivate any service like “Email Alert from FaceBook”, Credit Card, Remainder Services etc. which are being done now by sending an SMS! Yes, register and unregister your number in NDNC ( National Do not Call) can also be performed by making just a missed call!

Or anything else where people could send an SMS and do something and get some information can be done by a Missed call too!

Advantages of Missed Call Over SMS :

1. It is Free
Most probably, no advantage can be more advantageous than this one! Missed Call is free while SMS is charged by telecom operator!

2. Dialing is Easier than Sending SMS
Dialing is much easier then sending a Text! Also, in a country like in India, where large number of population is illiterate, sending SMS is almost impossible, but dialing a phone number is not!

3. Faster than SMS
Making a Missed call is much faster than sending SMS! For sending SMS, one needs to type the text message, then enter the phone number to send the message! While in Missed Call, just punch in the numbers and you are done! Also, have you noticed recently, how fast redial is while using Mobile Phone ?

4. Instant Status
Status of Missed Call is known instantly whether it is successful or not! But some times SMS delivery report may come after a while!

5. Can be used by both Landline and Mobile

Another Obvious advantage of Missed Call is, it can be used by both landline and mobile phone while SMS can be used by Mobile Phone only!

So, Missed Call may be next Alert System which may revolunise the way we register our requests for any service! If you want your Hosted Missed Call Service for your business, you may head directly to NTS website and ask for quote!

Very soon, I am planning to write how to set up a Missed Call System using a Analog CTI card with 200 lines of coding! Please stay tuned. But remember one thing about Missed Call, if Telecom Operator decides to withdraw ANI/DNI or start charging for presenting CLI/DNI, the whole missed call system may collapse or go SMS way!

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  • Vijay Sharma March 24, 2013, 6:41 pm

    Great post Utam, am not sure, if it will completely eat it up, but as you have rightly recently written, missed calls should be charged a bit, because they occupy bandwidth of a physical line, and hence with SMS rates increasing, a small amount on Missed Call & IVR should be applied.

    Also – if anyone is interested, we have some awesome use-cases around missed calls as well – http://exotel.in/features/missed-call-marketing/ , see more here and read some of the case studies too.

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