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IVR in Health Services: Mobile Kunji

While IVR ( Interactive Voice Response) System has wide applications across industries, it has also useful application in health services reducing MMR ( Mother Mortality Rate). That is how IVR is being used in Indian state of Bihar in “Ananya” program run by BBC Media Action in collaboration with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in eight districts, aims to reduce child mortality and improve maternal health in the state, reports BBC.

This is an interesting IVR application with high impact on illiterate or semi-illiterate non-English speaking population of India where expecting mothers listen to advice from doctors on mobile. An medical worker ( now a days known as MPW – Multipurpose Worker) which visits villages to educate people about health schemes, health related precautions etc.

Since it is not PPT ( Powe Point Presentation) in English, but a voice in local language, it has more acceptability as well as more attention!

This service can be made freely available to masses using “Missed call based Call Back Service” or a using toll free number. With CSCs ( Common Service Centres) in many villages in India’s ambitious e-governance program, use of IVR can be surely revolutionary.

Here is the complete news :-

As part of the Ananya programme, BBC Media Action is working with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to reduce child mortality, improve maternal health and reduce infectious diseases in Bihar, India.

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