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IVR for scheduling appointments

One of the very important and widely used IVR application is scheduling of tasks or appointments. In a typical IVR assisted scheduling application uses both inbound and outbound IVR. Normally, inbound IVR is used to register a new appointment while outbound IVR is used for remainder or rescheduling of the appointment if any. Hospitals are using this kind of IVR system for confirming/rescheduling an appointment of patients while airlines are using outbound IVR to inform passengers about rescheduling of flights.

Patient Scheduling:

Patient scheduling is one important function which can be achieved by use of Intelligent IVR. And inbound IVR system is used for any new appointments. Usually, scheduling of an appointment is done by another scheduling application which decides time of appointment and IVR announces that time and then ask confirmation from caller to finalise and block the appointment time.

Outbound IVR would make calls to the patient for any canceled or rescheduled appointment automatically and can save patients from great inconvenience of waiting at the hospital.

So, IVR assisted patient scheduling not only benefits patients, but also hospital in automating many mundane repeated tasks which are normally handled by phone operator. Different departments in a hospital can have different and dedicated phone numbers and new patient may learn next available appointment time through IVR from anywhere using a phone. For any emergency, special reserved appointment could be organised in advance so that immediate medical care could be provided to any patient.

IVR in case Scheduling in courts

Judicial courts can use IVR for providing information about cases coming for hearing to both lawyers and litigants. Inbound IVR can provide cases scheduled for the day or next few days etc. Outbound IVR could be used to remind lawyers for his upcoming court cases in advance. This eliminates chances of absence by lawyers or litigants saving precious court time.

Government Inspections

Many government agencies visit factories, business house, building etc. for inspection purpose. IVR can be used in these government inspection for lodging a request for inspection. And when any inspection schedule is finalised by the inspection agency, it can use outbound IVR to notify with scheduled date of inspection. This will eliminate unnecessary follow up of any request for inspection.

With advance notification for the inspection, concerned parties can be well prepared. Various municipalities, building inspection, regular factory inspection for adhering norms etc. tasks could be performed with IVR assisted scheduling programs.

Airlines, transport companies can use outbound IVR for notifying any delayed flight, canceled flight or and rescheduling. This will save traveler from unnecessary wait at terminals. Unnecessary wait at airport terminals, bus terminals are not only burden on the infrastructure, but also a security threat in recent world situation.

So, scheduling of tasks and notifying is daily and regular activities many business, government services. Using IVR can help automate scheduling as well as timely remainder for concerned parties. This increases productivity and reduces wait period.

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  • Abhishek March 27, 2010, 3:28 pm

    In any government agency, can IVR be setup ? And imagine that if it can be setup, then can anyone have hope to present government officers at the scheduled time ?

  • Uttam Pegu March 27, 2010, 3:55 pm

    I hope, IVR in government offices may help implement punctuality in government offices in India. Also I feel, in recent years, punctuality in government offices in India has increased manifold.

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