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Implementing Click To Call feature using IVR

What is Click To Call ?
“Click To Call” normally refers to a website feature where an website visitor asks to talk to webmaster or website representative ( may be even call center) by entering his phone number. So, this Click to Call facility in a website mainly involves establishing a call between a website visitor and a representative or customer service agent. It may involve monitoring of website visitors in real time and dialing the phone number entered by the visitor manually. But using an IVR ( Interactive Voice Response), this process can be automated as well as many intelligence could be put to use!

There are many benefits of having Click To Call feature in an website in its contact us page or any page where a website visitor may need any further assistance ( for example, in e-commerce website while checking out, restaurant site for reservation enquiry etc.). Click to Call facility may reduce call waiting time for both the visitor and website representative as they are called/connected when both are free to talk on phone.

Another advantage of having Click To Call feature is privacy of telephone numbers. Company executives may not need to put their numbers on website. Since Click to Call normally calls both the parties and connect them, company executive may not give out his numbers. Conversation on phone also provides option to discuss customised pricing as well as it may increase visitor confidence.

These in turn may increase lead conversion with better online marketing analysis report.

Click to Call and IVR:

Click to Call feature in website can be thought of outbound IVR which transfers the call to another number as per some configuration.

Here is the flow, how outbound IVR may turn into Click to Call engine for any website, either onsite or hosted.

  • Check if any new request from visitor for Click To Call feature. If any new request with valid phone number has arrived, go to step below.
  • Check if the website representative or customer service agent is free, then call the visitor number.
  • Call the website representative number.
  • Connect both the calls.

One may use either call transfer or call bridging for connecting both the calls. In an on premise implementation, call transfer may work during office hours, but in case of hosted IVR platform, it will always be call bridging.

So, if you have already IVR system in your office, you might as well have Click To Call feature for your website which can be used to customer service, enquiry generation and conversion an online marketing analysis.

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  • sharan sagar netha March 10, 2011, 12:19 pm

    I want to activate the IVR what is the process to do it. pls advice me.


  • Uttam Pegu March 14, 2011, 12:29 pm

    Dear Sharan,
    Are you looking for IVR for your company ?


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