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How to use IVR in times of lockdown under COVID19

COVID19, the pandemic of 2020 has locked down more than half of the world crippling economies of many countries! With more than 2.4 million infections and more than 170 thousand death worldwide ( till today 21 April 2020), effect of COVID19 will likely to continue to be felt till next few months even after it subsides or some vaccine is discovered/invented.

In this time of social distancing and lock-down, work from home, IVR can be useful in many ways. While most companies/organisations/industries are trying to procure thermal imagers for screening for elevated body temperature or fever detection, IVR could also come in handy for general business activities.

Here are few IVR applications which could be of some help in fighting COVID19

1. Automatic IVR call could be made to landline phones of quarantined household in some interval to check their presence at house or well being. This would not only ensure the quarantined remaining in the house, it will also ensure speedy help in case of any medical need.

2. IVR could be used for reminding tasks to people who are working from home for deadlines, project work automatically at short interval.

3. Automatic registration and call back system for any COVID19 related consultation by competent authorities in order remove confusion, doubt of citizens through COVID19 Help-line.

4. IVR system for students to call in and listen to teachers lecture at their own time. This could be particularly useful where penetration of smartphone, PC and internet is less like rural areas.

5. Religious audio on IVR could also be useful to listen to various religious songs by people from home without having to visit to place of worship.

6. Industries should use IVR attendance System instead of punch in, fingerprint to avoid any infection or gatherings.

These are few IVR applications I could think in this time of COVD19. If anyone has any other IVR applications in mind, please do share in the comment section!

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