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Few widely used IVR system in India

The usage of IVR is growing in India. IVR has been used for long time in India like any other country in the world. These IVR systems were majorly used as train status information, flight status information and other few complaint lodging/booking system. And at that time ( before 1997), India had very low telecom density. After telecom boom in 1999, telecom density in India has grown to over 44% by 2010. Until recently, India was adding almost 10m telephone ( both land line and mobile) users per month.

Usage of IVR has also seen growth int the same period. Also, IVR systems are being used in many new areas increasingly. In my opinion, there are four major areas where IVR is being increasingly used in India :-

1. IVR as Value Added Service
2. IVR in Call Center/Contact Center
3. IVR in payment gateways
4. IVR for traditional usage like complaint management, Railway enquiry etc.

1. IVR for value added service

After mobile boom in India, SMS based VAS services saw phenomenal growth. At the same time, voice portals have also entered into the area with premium charging per minute. CRBT service can also be termed as IVR system which has become major revenue earner for mobile companies in India.
Recently, IVR is also being used as voice blasting services for product and service promotions, election campaigning, or any telephonic remainder service. Even IVR based click to call service has also started in India. I think, this is one type of IVR which has huge potential for growth in India.

2. IVR in Call Center/Contact Center

With India’s large English speaking population, BPO industry flourished after 2000 and many call centers have sprung up. With these call center, the use of outbound dialer or predictive dialer grew. Inbound IVR has been increasingly used in call center to screening the caller, providing mundane and regular information to the callers. Though call centers in India have not started very intelligent IVR yet which could be used for complete automated self service complaint management systems or any other self-help automated system.
Lately, people have been trying to integrate IVR with existing CRM software or bundle IVR with newer version of CRM software.

3. IVR in payment gateways

With major international and private banks opening shops in India, IVR has found usage in payment gateways as well as banks as Phone banking service.
IVR is also being used in payment gateways for credit card transaction using telephone. This kind of IVR needs to be PCI compliant and there have been many vendor which have developed PCI compliant IVR software. With low penetration of internet, but very high penetration of mobile phone and telephone, this type of IVR may grow healthily in recent time.

4. IVR for traditional usage like complaint management, Railway enquiry etc.
Indian Railways and BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) has been oldest users of IVR in India. Indian Railways has installed many IVR systems ate individual busy stations for providing Train status information, Ticket Reservation status enquiry etc.
BSNL has been using IVR for fault and complaint booking. Apart from these two, many PSUs have been using Voice Mail systems in their PABXs.
Airlines have also been using inbound IVR for updating flight status information.

Apart from these, IVR in clinical trial has not really picked up here in India which is one of the most widely use area in other parts of the world. But there are many interesting IVR usage in India and we can be sure that some innovative IVR application will be developed by some company to exploit its huge number of telephone users!

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  • Sunil July 7, 2010, 12:11 pm

    Any idea which S/W H/W IVR platforms are the most widely used in India?
    Is VoiceXML catching on? Or are people still using custom C/C++ code written for Dialogic boards?

  • Uttam Pegu July 7, 2010, 12:31 pm

    Hi Sunil,
    Hardware: Dialogic still rules! But I think Donjin, Synway, Sangoma are catching up too!

    Though people still use C++, but other RAD tools like VBVoice, Envox are also being used. VoiceXML is new but I think it is also catching up slowly.

  • jakup July 27, 2010, 12:52 pm

    Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system helps you in automating inbound calls that are repetitive in nature.

  • parthasarathy May 18, 2012, 12:05 pm

    Hi ,

    Can you please tell me the growth percentage in 2012 for IVR development companies in india.

  • atul mhase April 28, 2014, 11:01 am


    Thanks for the valuable information on this blog. It is a boon to non-technical decision makers like me.

    I wanted to know more about USSD implementations (not sure if this comes within your ambit). Why do you think that USSD is not picking up for third party applications (other than that used by the telecom service providers themselves). Are USSD & IVR competing tools ? rgds,


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