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VXML Browser : I6NET releases VXI* 5.2

I6NET Solutions and Technologies, an R&D company based in Madrid, Spain has recently released their latest version of popular VXML Browser VXI* VoixwXML Browser. This browser works on Asterisk on Linux Operating System. Asterisk is open source Telephony software development tool, now widely used to develop IVR and Voice Applications.

VXI* is native integration between the Asterisk Open Source Telephony engine and VoiceXML, one of the most advanced voice and video application’s standard language. VXI* is an advanced complementary software for Asterisk-based IVR systems. Adding VXI* to any Asterisk server enables access to the large VoiceXML applications world. You will get great advantages in opening your favourite PBX to the new evolution of IVVR (Interactive Voice & Video Response) and web enabled applications. More details, one may visit here.

The release post of this version of VXI* Browser says :-

There’s very important improvements and new specific ASR features in this new release, that will provide you the best IVR experience for your voice and video telephony projects. VXI* 5.2 is suitable for production platforms running with all lastest Asterisk 1.4, 1.6 and now 1.8 kernels! (all Asterisk’s packages are available for download too).

Few of the enhanced features are :-

# mod: Correction in the fonction wait/silence (wait for openvxi).
# add: Add the parameter dialnumbersonly to filter called numbers.
# mod: Change the open sequence for better reactivity.
# mod: Increase the number of accounts to 200.
# add: File descriptors counters (with show top).
# add: Average statistiques (duration, response and CAPS).
# mod: Replace the nanohttp library by the libcurl.
# add: Extra parameters in the transfer (after mark ‘,’) for to the Dial command.
# add: Command line parameters -U and -G to change the OpenVXI linux user/group.
# mod: Correction for uniMRCP to stop the speech/ASR engine.
# mod: Correction for disable bargein with the speech/ASR.
# add: Increase the Asterisk compatibility (disable the using the channel context).
# mod: Ignore the ASR result if a DTMF interaction occured.
# add: Support the attribut repeat for SRGS/XML DTMF grammars.
# add: Options to pass all the SRGS/XML grammars to the ASR engine (voice and DTMF).
# add: Support for Asterisk 1.8.

For complete details : Visit I6Net Website.

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