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Outbound IVR for reminder service

After advent of mobile phones, SMS was the preferred way of reminder service for anything , may be flight schedule, bank EMI payment, loan or insurance payment reminder, school fees or anything. But for last few years, I think, outbound calling has become the main or preferred reminder service.

While speaking various IVR Service providers ( mostly cloud telephony service providers), I have learned that, the number of voice calls now range in millions per day in India! Bulk of which is for reminder services alone! Reminder services have also become quite interactive where user can press a button and choose to stop reminder for the same information or message confirming he had recieved the message. This is purely interactive and does great justice to its name, Interactive Voice Response System!

I think here are the reasons why outbound IVR calling have become popular and widely accepted in India :-

1. Intrusive Alert
Voice calls are still very intrusive and tend to be responded by a callee. While one may ignore alerts from Mobile Apps, or any other messaging service, people still consider voice calling has the highest priority.

2. Smart Caller ID management
Most mobile phone owners have tagged/named various phone numbers as “SPAM” by using TrueCaller App, but cloud telephony service providers have smartly rotating Caller ID to appear like a normal calls!
3. Cost
Almost all voice calls are free now days. While outbound calling rate has gone up by cloud telephony service providers ( which seems to be a good thing), but the features of those services have also gone up, like in-depth reporting system, high scaleability etc.
4. More Options
Many cloud telephony service providers have come up in last 5/6 years providing more options to choose by customers. The reliability and quality of service have also gone up in last few years by all cloud telephony providers.

There are still many inbound IVR systems, but the growth of outbound IVR service in recent years in India have been quite phenomenal.

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  • Max Owen January 8, 2022, 1:19 pm

    It’s very nice and informative. I learn something new. Thank you for sharing this knowledge with us. I’m also a blogger who teaches folks about app and software development. You can find my work by clicking here.

  • fonada July 12, 2022, 8:36 am

    its very nice blog for me..

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