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Mokalmat moving to Cloud too!

Mokalmat is a leading IVR Solutions provider based in Cairo, Egypt which has been providing custom IVR solutions since 2009. It has its own IVR platform with visual development tools that now supports PIKA HMP as well as Synway CTI boards.

There are many barriers that face the IVR industry that cause a general decline in demand for the IVR services; the price, ease of use and evolution of new technologies like mobile applications are on the top.



Mokalmat answers the first two! Mokalmat means “Phone Calls” in Arabic and its has two main parts of software miFlow, A drag and drop tool to develop call flows, and miServer, the engine that executes the call flows, where there is an embedded web interface called miAdmin from which you can upload call flows create groups for IVR channels, deploy call flows and create outbound dial out campaigns.

miFlow has been improved a lot over the past two years. It now contains docking of windows for ease of use a better compiler and added many cells for better control on the call flow designed.

miFlow is a free tool and will always remain free for all developers. Download it here.

Mokalmat Server

Mokalmat Server

miServer now supports PIKA HMP driver cards beside Synway SHT, SHD and SHN cards and many features were added. Naming a few like:
• Hot swap of call flows, no call drop at change of call flow.
• Grouping of Channels to deploy call flows on all Lines in 1 operation.
• Dial out campaign creation over the web interface.
• Dial out and bridge calls.
• More support for Databases like Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL server and many more.
• Support stored procedure calling beside normal statements.
• Different kind of web application interaction through GET, POST methods and SOAP web services.
• Parse XML response or a one line String response from web applications.
• More arithmetic and comparison operations.
• Enhanced File I/O operations
• Send E-mail with/without attachment(s).
• Routing calls to agents through skill routing then first come, least received calls by agent, and most idle agent mechanisms.

Whatever your needs Mokalmat simply fits! But that’s not only the new news; Mokalmat is turning to cloud business next year by Q2 2014 where you will have the option to use Mokalmat SaaS IVR Inbound and Outbound over the cloud or you still have the option to buy the normal on premise IVR solution.
Mokalmat is currently seeking partnership for the cloud IVR business and aiming to be the first Telephony cloud company in Egypt and Middle East during 2014 especially in IVR inbound and outbound prospective.
For more details on Mokalmat, one can visit www.mokalmat.com

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