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How useful are Toll Free Numbers to you?

Many companies, small or big, are using toll free number now a days. It has many benefits for a organisation which cares about its customers.

Here are few points how they are useful:-

1. They enhance customer’s belief

How bad would you feel if your company’s contact details are not found when you try searching it on the net? Damn! That would be so frustrating!

Now the other side of the coin. With Toll Free Number, your customer not only calls you for free, but also enhances his belief in you. The belief that his calls will be answered and he will be actually speaking to someone in your company. This would in turn help them become your loyal brand ambassadors (and help build your image too :))

2. You can never forget the number, it just stays in your memory

Ever called 1800 XXX XXXX to order pizza? There you go! it’s easier o remember and when you add that with a vanity series, bingo! You just hit the jack. People are more likely to call you. That generates sales. And in turn, toll free number is your powerful marketing tool.

3. toll Free Numbers are for everyone

Whether you are a big fish or a smaller one. it does n0t really matter. You work from big offices situated out of posh business locations, or simply a garage setup. These numbers are used by every one.

4. Mobility and portability

Worried about changing your number while you change your office location? Well, not anymore. The biggest benefit that is with the toll free numbers is that it always stays. irrespective of your office location. What’s more, you can even choose to port out to a different service provider. Without having to change the number. Your customer still calls on that number. You can retain it forever.

5. Your powerful marketing tool

This has already been spoken about. To add, you can also track all calls and where they came from. An ad or from your website.

Well the list is very long and we can keep talking about it. But in a nutshell, toll free numbers allow you to create extensions which you can associate with a particular campaign. You can have one for your marketing campaigns and one for your website too. Your Toll Free Number can act as a powerful marketing tool. Increasing your call volume and ROI ( Return of Investment). This is powerful. Very powerful.

Now a days, almost all telecom service providers offer toll free number which is accessible to all telephone networks. For Value Added Toll Free Numbers, one may contact cloud Telephony pioneer in India, Knowlarity or Niche Tech Solutions.

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