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Dialogic Diastar 2.0 is available now!

Dialogic, the name that goes almost synonymous with IVR, has announced availability of the DiaStar™ Server, Release 2.0, as per their press release, Parsippany, NJ , USA.

Dialogic Diastar

Dialogic Diastar Release 2.0 Available now

Project DiaStar is open source project sponsored by Dialogic Corporation that gives access to Dialogic’s enhanced media and signaling functionality using Woomera protocol. The new release has features like :-

• Call Progress Analysis (CPA) Enhancements -User-Defined Tone Detection with detection results available in both Asterisk Dialplan and the Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI)
• Robust support of SIP Video from the Asterisk Dialplan, including:
o Play and Record Audio and Video
o H.263 Support
o MPEG4 Support
• Video Transcoding between H.263 and MPEG-4
• Video Transrating
• Video scaling to enable playback of video on different sized video screens
• SIGTRAN signaling support
• Native media bridging

These new features and enhancements continue to expand Asterisk developers’ ability to utilize the DiaStar Server to create applications such as IVVR systems, Video Surveillance Systems, Video Gateways, Mobile Advertising and Banking, Multimedia Social Networking and basic Video Call Completion.

For complete Press Release : Diastar 2.0

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