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Hosted Auto Dialer Application or Hosted Outbound IVR service

What is hosted outbound IVR service ?
Hosted outbound IVR service can be defined as a service provided by a IVR Service provider using which one can make outgoing calls to large telephone numbers and play a recorded voice as soon as the called party picks up the call. Calls could be scheduled by the client who is availing the outbound IVR service through either an web-based interface, or API ( Application Programming Interface) or URL link.

Recently, there has been few companies in India, which have started providing hosted outbound IVR services. It has become a good tools for marketing along with SMS(Short Messaging Services), Email alerts.

Usage of Outbound IVR Service:

There are many usage of outbound IVR services. It can be used to for the following :-

1. Promotional Campaigns

Any marketing agencies build up large number of telephone numbers of their clients over a period of time. So, when they want to launch or announce a new product in short period of time, automated outbound call is one option. Outbound IVR will dial out the numbers and play the audio clip announcing the new service, product and discount/sale.
This type of promotional campaign can be conducted along with SMS, email campaigns.

2. Public awareness campaign
Various public awareness campaigns like AIDS, Road Safety Week etc. could be organised using hosted auto dialer application. Now a days, during election campaign, most of the political parties use outbound IVR services to send out voice messages from the candidates to the masses in short span of time.

3. E-Governance
Recently, e-governance has been a buzz word in India where many public utility services have been made available in internet as well as in electronic format making access to many government schemes easier. Hosted outbound IVR service can be used for alerting a person with the status of their applications by various government departments.

4. Medical Services
Outbound IVR services can be used as reminder services for visiting hospital for patient check ups. Hospitals can use outbound IVR service for discounted health checkups, free medical checkups etc.

5. Polls
Various telephonic polls could be conducted using a hosted IVR service. People could be asked some questions and their reply could be recorded either in voice or DTMF digits. This would be cast effective and it could be conducted in a short span of time. Various TV channels could use this for any recent events, news to get public opinion.


Hosted IVR service can be enhanced with some advanced features which will increase utility of hosted outbound services.

1. Option to transfer the promotional call to a live agent

For example, while making promotional voice call to a person, option should be given to the called party to speak to a live agent if she is interested in the product/service and wants to learn more about it. This may convert to sales immediately.

2. Option to record voice

Hosted IVR service could give called party an option to record their message as feedback.

3. Option to finalise an appointment
Any remainder or alert voice call by hosted IVR service should have option to confirm an appointment by pressing a key or by voice. For example, in a medical check up, car servicing alert etc.

So, hosted auto dialer application can become a very useful marketing tool in line with SMS, e-mailers.

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  • Harish February 28, 2010, 4:26 pm

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  • Gustavo June 23, 2013, 5:37 am

    Hi Iam looking to voice broadcast using my own voip.
    Hosted Voip able to use API webservices

  • Reeta March 25, 2015, 10:45 am

    You can try with Ozonotel, its as a pioneer and a leading provider of on-demand cloud communication services in India. In today’s scenario, businesses tend to lose out on tapping the opportunities that come knocking their way unintentionally (Most common being missing an In-bound enquiry/lead), either due to lack of time or manpower or due to the inherent inefficiency of the current communication set up.This means a loss of business.

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