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Bulk Voice Calling

What is Bulk Voice Call ?

Bulk Voice Calling is broadcasting of pre-recorded voice message to many telephone numbers simultaneously or sequentially. It is voice or IVR version of SMS ( Short Message Service) broadcasting which is now a days widely used for various purposes. Bulk voice calling is also known as call blast, voice broadcasting, Automated Voice Campaigns, Voice SMS etc.

Bulk Voice Calling is picking up

Bulk voice broadcasting is normally a hosted IVR solution or part of any IVR system.

How does it work ?

Bulk Voice calling is essentially an outbound IVR ( Interactive Voice Response) System with one specific function, that is to dial telephone numbers from database or a list, and play a pre-defined programmed recorded audio file and play it when the called party picks the call. It also has to keep record of all success calls ( outbound calls which were picked by the called party and heard the recorded voice message) or abandoned calls which were not picked by the called party.

It is easy to develop a bulk voice calling system. One can use either modem or analog CTI cards or digital CTI boards. The CTI board must be capable of CPA ( Call Progress Analysis) to detect call pick up, detect answering machine, voice mail or human.

To provide professional bulk voice service, one needs to have lot of telecm infrastructure :-

1. In order to make simultaneous calls, many PRI/E1 lines are required. Correspondingly, one will need digital CTI boards.

2. One must have web-based control panel to allow users access the reports, trigger bulk message etc. API ( Application Programming Interface) is also desirable to give white label solutions.

3. Finally, intelligent outbound IVR software.

Few essential points one should look for in a Bulk Voice Call providers:-

1. How many simultaneous calls possible at one point of time.

2. Since audio needs to be played real time, so duration of the recorded audio file is the duration of each calls. So, one should know how one call is counted, in 30 seconds pulse of 60 seconds pulse.

3. Online and live reporting of calls and reason for any call failure.

4. Refund policy for failed outbound calls, call attended by answering machine, voice mail etc.

5. Caller ID for making outbound call whether it is dynamic or fixed caller id.

Usage of Bulk Voice Calling

Now a days, bulk voice calling or call bast is being used in many ways.

1. Alert System/Reminder system
2. Pill remainder System
3. Electioneering
4. Automatic registration welcome and verification of phone number
5. Payment remainder
6. Promotion and advertising
7. Appointment remainder

and many more!

Bulk Voice calling can be used just like SMS is being used! Using Bulk voice calling has few advantages over SMS blasting like live monitoring, delivery report and instant monitoring!

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