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Simple communication tools for your small business

Are you reaching out to your client? Or confirming details from your employees? Communication is the lifeline of your business. You might be sending emails or making phone calls. But surprisingly, there are many other tools available to help bridge that gap in a very easy and effective manner.

These are the top five communication tools that can make your business grow efficiently.

Team(up) your software

Managing your business becomes hard when you’re not dealing with multiple offices. Having uniformly collaborated software keeps everybody on the same page. This will act like a one-stop destination for all your assignments, status reports, shared resources and progress tracking.

Save your documents on cloud

The new buzzword in technology now-a-days is “Cloud”. Cloud storage saves and stores your files at a remote location so that they’re always available. If your systems crash, your won’t lose progress. If your employees are working from home, office or any other location, they can access the files whenever they need to.

Switch to virtual phone system

Let go of those expensive traditional business phone systems. They are too complex to maintain! People also choose to use cell phones instead, but the use of personal phone can make you seem less professional. A virtual phone system combines advantage of professionalism with the flexibility and simplicity of cell phones.

The buzzword- contact management software

In today’s internet driven world, you can contact and maintain a number of business leads. You don’t even have to waste time on saving the address and phone numbers. Everyone’s using email addresses, chat handles, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. The contact management software keeps you updated to the key contacts and streamlines the process of keeping in touch with your business leads.

The smart phones are smart enough

You might be able to do everything through a regular cell phone, or even without one. We’ve see that for ages now. Now think about streamlining your business calendars, text messages and note keeping with your office communication. Bingo! Smart phone is the answer.

These tools are just a few. The list is long and we can go on talking about them. Which smart communication tool would you switch to for your business? Visit www.SuperReceptionist.in for your free virtual phone experience!

Guest Post by: Knowlarity Communications Pvt. Limited.

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