One year of!

On 23rd August, 2009 has completed one year!

It is good feeling that it has finally completed its second year. As I have been crisscrossing India whole month of August, I could not add many article as per my plan. But in this year, I plan to do the following:-

1. Create an E-Book with various articles published in this blog.
2. Write more on developing IVR Software and IVR Application
3. Compare various CTI hardware as well as CTI manufacturer.
4. Create a marketplace where both IVR developers as well as IVR Software user would be able to exchange projects.


  1. says

    Congratulations Uttam!
    Your articles are always a great read! Looking forward to your marketplace for IVR developers and IVR Software users to exchange projects!

  2. Dhrushil says

    I am a student doing a research project on mobile VAS. Your posts on CRBT and IVR were really helpful. I had a few questions and wanted to get in touch with you. Your assistance would be a great help. My email id is

    Thanks and Regards,

  3. says

    Hi Dhrushi,
    Thank you for your nice words. You may send your questions through Contact in the top menu. I would try to reply as per my experience about voice based VAS.

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