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How not to add your mobile number in NDNC and still survive

Many people have been annoyed due to unsolicited marketing calls ( also known as “Pesky Calls”, Spam Calls) that government maintains NDNC ( national Do Not Call) registry where one can register her number and all such pesky calls would be blocked.

Bulk Voice Call providers are required to screen mobile numbers using this NDNC database before making and outbound call. While this is a good way to block such irritating and annoying calls, there are few reasons why one should not add their numbers in such database:-

1. There is thin line between pesky calls and important announcement/information. Some information may be really beneficial. There may be few good discounts/ good deals one may be missing because those information are blocked by adding your number to NDNC.

2. There is a disconnect button on every mobile, not available in POTS ( Plain Old Telephone System). There is also silent Mode, Mute Button in every mobile phone. These could be put to good use when one does not want to be disturbed by any phone calls.

3. ‘Pesky Calls’ come from known prefixes now a days. In India, any call that comes from +91 140 prefix, it is a marketing call. One can avoid picking up that call. Another tip is, almost all outbound calls would come from land-line PRI number which normally ends with 00, avoid such calls when you dont want to receive pesky calls!

4. Use services like truecaller and call blocking facility in your smartphone.

So, it is easy not to add your mobile numbers in NDNC and still survive!

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