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CTI Board usage pattern by IVRSWORLD.COM visitors

Almost one year back on 28th August 2008, I started a poll in this site to try to know how many people use Dialogic CTI boards as well as other CTI boards. I have concluded the poll today, 5th September 2009. The question of the poll was :

Which CTI card you use for your IVR Applications ?

And the options were :
1. Dialogic
2. Synway
3. Pika
4. AudioCodes
5. TelcoBridge

I forgot to include two more important CTI manufacturer Digium and Donjin. I future, I think I would conduct another poll about these two CTI boards. Digium is wide famous for Asterix.
Not many people voted in the poll! Only 28 people voted. 3 registered users and 25 guests. Total number of vote was 40 as one voter could select more than option.

A good percentage of 18 votes went for Dialogic(64%). I was expecting it to be more than 80% though! Second position was occupied by Synway with 14 votes(50%). Pika technologies came 3rd with 6 votes(21%) and other two got 1 vote (4%) each.

I think low voter turn out must be due to poor visibility of the poll. Last one year has been quite a learning experience, this year I hope to organise more meaningful polls as well as better voter turnout.

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