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Dialogic D4/PCI CTI Board

Arguably, Dialogic D4/PCI analog card must be the most widely used CTI card in the world! Also, most probably again, all 4 Generation Visual Tools for developing IVR Application supports this Dialogic D4/PCI CTI Card.d4pci

This card is easy to install, very feature rich, and has many advanced call processing feature. The most problematic part of any analog card s detecting engage tone, busy tone, ring back tone, apart from detecting Pulse Dialing! Amazingly this card has all those call processing feature which can be utilised effectively to solve these problems.

For those who are interested in know complete details, click here.

Here are few tips about using this card:-
1. Find out if your EPABX/Telecom Service provider has enabled Loop current drop at end of call. If not, ask them to enable so that you do not face Call Disconnect Not detecting problem. ( I feel, this is the most widely encountered problem by all IVRS people.)
2. You must create TSF file using PBXpert. This utility comes with Dialogic System Release, all versions. This tool makes few incoming/outgoing calls with two extension lines ( if EPABX) and train itself to detect the Engage Tone, Busy Tone and disconnect Tone, Ring Cadence etc. This step is very important.
3. To make your life easier, check for various PRM files in dialogic directory.

Finally, if nothing seems working, join www.dialogic.com/den/ and shoot your question in the forum. Or you can contact me. 🙂

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