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CTI Boards Market in India Looking up!

Recent market sentiments in India has positive effects on IVR Industry too. This traditional industry of CTI Boards, On-premise IVR System, was shrinking due to poor economic conditions as well as availability of affordable Cloud IVR Solutions in India. But, recently, it seems it is again looking up.

CTI Market India

CTI Market India

VAS ( Value Added Service) providers to telecom operators were the largest consumer of CTI Boards in India. With stagnant market and entry of low cost smartphones, now a days, telecom operators use VAS majorly to promote their essential services/features to its customers.

With aggressive marketing by Cloud Telephony Services, many other industries have also been receptive to the idea of voice automation. So, overall, IVR industry had penetrated into more market segments. Even NGOs, real estate companies, political parties are using IVR now for various purposes.

With new government, perceived to be business friendly, expansion of cloud telephony is taking place. Knowlarity, largest cloud telephony provider in India, has raised more funds for aggressive expansions plans both in India and abroad recently.

Similarly, with growing competition and penetration of social media, companies are opting for better after-sales service using IVR. This is also fueling increase consumption of CTI boards.

CTI Boards with onboard processors like Dialogic, Donjin, Aculab etc. are getting more interests among IVR integrators than low cost CTI boards with host processing due to reliability and cost of ownership for large IVR Systems.

Overall, CTI board market seems to be looking up in India again.

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