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CRBT for Advertisement

CRBT (Caller Ring Back Tone) is a very popular IVR application used in Telecom Industry. It is known as “Hello Tunes”, “Caller Tunes” in India. CRBT is a fairly simple IVR system which has a smart call routing and a IVR application which plays one audio file, a music as per choice by the CRBT subscriber. CRBT is one of the highest revenue earner for Telecom companies in voice based value added service (VAS) all around the world.

CRBT can also be used as very useful, targeted advertising tools where the IVR software will play an ad jingle instead of a number for chart topper, or a old hit. The ad jingle to be played can be chosen by the following criteria:
1. Caller Id : Since IVR application will know both the caller number and called party number, it can choose ad jingle based on the caller ID. For example, if the caller id is an land-line number, a ad jingle related to land line facilities should be played. When caller ID is a Airtel land line number, why not play a internet facilities available on Airtel land-line number ?
2. Area of Caller ID : Area of caller can be decided based on the caller id. In case the caller ID is a mobile number, first 4 digits of the caller ID will determine the area of the caller. And if the caller id is a land line number, the first 3 digits which is a STD (Subscriber Trunk Dialing) code which denotes an area. So, using this information, the ad jingle can be chosen.
3. Telecom Operator Wise : From the caller id and the called party ID (DNI, Dialed Number Identification), Telecom operator can be found out. Advertisement can be targeted by Telecom Operator too. For example, all BSNL caller would be played about 3G availability on BSNL network!
4. Integration with Billing Server : If IVR Server or CRBT Server is connected to billing server, than high paying customers, prepaid customer, post paid customer can be identified and accordingly ad jingles can be targeted.

Advantages of CRBT advertisement
Advertising on CRBT is new. But it is obvious that there are certain advantages of CRBT advertising. It can be very targeted advertising. The advertiser would know exactly how many times ad jingles has been played and to whom. He would be able calculate his conversion rates.

I think CRBT advertisement would pick up in India soon. There are people who are experimenting on it. But we are still to see wide scale adoption of this advertisement platform.

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  • Gururaj S. July 29, 2009, 12:41 pm

    Hi Uttam,

    Nice blog, useful posts! Keep it up!!

    I wonder why would any user wish to allow the operator to use a call to him/her as an adspace for the operator (or for any others) if the subscriber is NOT going to gain anything? Further, why should the caller be made to listen something NOT of pertinence at that moment? The main objective of calling is to reach the person to speak. If the call is not going to be connected, ideally the user will like to know that the party is not answering. Anything else is simply annoying.

    As of now, the CRBT tunes used are annoying and do not convey whether the caller is busy or engaged until it plays out. Further imagine listening to songs which are not understandable.

    However, I am interested to know what are the current trends in CRBT and PRBT. What new features are being considered by various operators (or have been implemented). How do you rate them in terms of benefit to the subscribers?

    Thanks in advance,


  • Uttam Pegu July 29, 2009, 1:37 pm

    Hi Gururaj,
    Thank you.

    “As of now, the CRBT tunes used are annoying and do not convey whether the caller is busy or engaged until it plays out. Further imagine listening to songs which are not understandable.”

    I totally agree with this!

    I think users are given some free talk-time against every ad jingle played or heard! That is the incentive to mobile subscriber.

    I will try to update on Voice Portal and CRBT/PRBT soon.

    Uttam Pegu

  • Hulaiyel Khaldi March 12, 2018, 3:37 pm

    We are private sector company, have a Huawei Unified Communication System and Huawei IMS for telephone service (VOIP). We wish to customize our Ring Back Tone (CRBT) to be an audio messages instead of the regular back tone. We are checking if you can provide this solution.

    Tel +966138767755
    Mobile +966562221586

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