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How to start Cloud Telephony Service Company in India? : Part II

Continuing with How to Start Cloud Telephony Business in India from last post where I posted about difficulties in promoting voice services, I would like to add  in this part II how one can setup the cloud telephony service infrastructure.

Here is list of few infrastructure one must have to start a cloud telephony service business

  1. PRI Lines or Telephony lines
  2. CTI hardware
  3. IVR Software
  4. Websites and other Web Services
  5. Support Team
  6. Backups

PRI lines are used to receive or make outbound telephone calls and these lines are provided by any telecom service provider in selected cities/states.

One must have CTI hardware like Dialogic, Donjin, Sangoma or any other which acts as an interface between Telephones and Computer.

IVR Software means the call flow management system as well as controlling telephony call functions, playing voice prompts etc. One can develop customised IVR applications or can use free and open source like Asterisk, FreeSWITCH etc. I know many people use FreeSWITCH and Asterisk. But large telephony service providers use either Dialogic or Donjin which have their own native APIs for various IVR telephony functions. They tend to be much costlier than Asterisk based CTI hardware like Sangoma or OpenVOX.

Website and various Webservices are very important part of Cloud IVR Service as its the only interface between service provider and its clients or users. IVR does not have any user interface which can be viewed, but only heard. One must be able to provide APIs to integrate with other software services, or other websites to trigger calls, control call flow etc. It is web services where one may create fro their niche in cloud telephony service business.

Dedicated support team is a must for starting cloud telephony services. Users of Telephony services are used to getting their service up almost 100% and would expect the same from cloud telephony services too. So, it is very important to have dedicated support team. Support can make or break any business.

Backup PRI Lines, BackUP CTI hardware and backup of IVR Application Software, Servers are must to provide good support without any downtime.

Technically, it is possible to setup a cloud telephony service business with less than Rs. 100,000/-. But the problem lies in making a profitable lang lasting cloud telephony business.

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  • Soam January 24, 2016, 7:30 am

    How much does the telco companies charge for a PRI Line ?

    Does the PRI Line include the toll free number ?

    Do we have to pay them for PRI Line and Toll Free Number separately ?

    Do we again have to pay for all the minutes we use in call forwarding from our FreePBX server ?

    • Arun Jaganath November 29, 2016, 4:53 pm

      Do you already have a Dialogic/Donjin/KeyGoe card? If so we have the IVR system software to that can be used for building IVR applications as per your requirement. Contact for further details.

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