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How to start Cloud Telephony Service Company in India? : Part I

I think this is a topic that many people seem to be asking each other or in Google search. I also get many inquiries, emails about the same. So I thought, I would post what I think about starting a Cloud telephony Service company in India.

Last couple of years, some Cloud Telephony companies came into existence in India and with their aggressive social media campaign as well as venture capitalist funding, they have become famous and talking point in many tech discussions.

While all these look good, the situation may not be that good. Being in IVR industry and blogging about IVR since 2008 ( Yes, not many of these Cloud telephony Companies did not exist in 2008!) I can suggest everyone in one sentence

“Do not start Cloud Telephony Service company without VC (Venture Capitalist) Funding and if you are not very patient.”

As one of my friends tell me, this Cloud Telephony market seems like website market in India some 12 years ago where salesmen had to struggle to convince a company, business house to have website with nice domain name, accessible throughout the world, open 24 hours a day. But not many people were convinced at that time. But today in 2015, even grocery stores have websites in India! No one can think of starting a business without website or no hotel can exist without website!

I think similar is the case with Interactive Voice Response System for businesses. It would become impossible to think of doing any business where every incoming call is not attended, logged or reported for analysis in coming years. But when, it is really difficult to predict.

India has a market where buyers touch and check the rice before buying it, touch and feel the cloth before deciding to buy it and here in cloud telephony we are trying to sell a product to prospective customers, where the product is in the cloud or air which can neither be touched nor seen but only experienced by making phone calls.

So, as soon as people realise, it is nothing but just an outbound phone call, the price factor comes into the play. So, IVR has to be priced like just a normal telephone call as one pays while making a call using one’s mobile phone. India has the lowest cost for making an outbound call. At less than $10 a month, one can call unlimited calls within a state! So, int his scenario, selling a service which uses outbound telephone call cost as raw material, it becomes very, very difficult task!

Here I end my first part “how to start Cloud Telephony Service Company in India” post. I hope to post the next part soon.

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  • Soam January 24, 2016, 7:20 am

    You said,
    At less than $10 a month, one can call unlimited calls within a state!

    Is that true ?
    We get like 10000 calls a month and 99.99% from our state only.
    Can we setup our own Asterisk server and simply get a toll free number from reliance or BSNL and do unlimited usage ?

  • Navin Kumar Kamti July 25, 2016, 9:54 am

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