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How to beat pesky calls ?

What are Pesky Calls?
Pesky calls are those which come to your phone uninvited and try to sell you some products which you may or may not want. These kind of calls could be useful to people who are not busy, now a days there are only few people carrying a phone who are not busy. So, these marketing and promotional calls are nuisance to many people and irritates everyone.

While there are even laws against such pesky calls, National Do not Call registry (NDNC) which altogether stops such pesky calls once registered, still this problem persists. It has come down but people have also started missing information about good offers, discount sales in nearby stores. In this difficult economic conditions, these information are useful.

So, how to beat Pesky calls while still availing useful promotional messages ?

There are many ways to disconnect pesky calls, here are few :-

1. Pesky calls starts with +91 140 series. So one can be sure that any call originating from these numbers are pesky calls or promotional calls. One may block them or disconnect them when one gets incoming calls from them.

2. Any landline number which has 00 as last two digits in their caller id is a PRI pilot number and chances are its a pesky calls. One can safely disconnect them.

3. Use TrueCaller App in smartphone

Truecaller app shows the name of the phone number, given by other people. It is useful to know if any number is used for promotional calls.

These steps work most of the time, but still some calls may come to annoy sometimes. Only foolproof method to avoid any such calling is to avoid disclosing your personal number to anyone else! But it may not be possible to avoid giving out numbers to others.

But thanks to Cloud telephony Service, known as Virtual Receptionist, it is possible to control every incoming call, check call history in pleasant formatting with all details even on smartphone screens!

So, virtual receptionist is the solution to beat any kind of pesky calls! Virtual receptionist cloud telephony service can screen any incoming call as per desired logic which can be on the basis of caller id, time or even temporary conditions like meeting, lunch etc.

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