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Tata Docomo IVR Advertisement and Self-help IVR

Recently, Tata Docomo, India is advertising about IVR used in its customer care where it says that in order to keep it simple, they allow caller to speak to human agent quickly without going through maze of key-presses, listening lengthy and boring menu announcements!

Well, one line comes to my mind quickly, if you want your caller to get connected to human agent, without having to use self service IVR, then please use ACD ( automatic call distribution ) system available in almost any PBX available now a days!

The actor is Ranbir Kapoor, one of the most popular young actor in Hindi film industry. The script is in Hindi, the English translation would look resemble below :-

“Think if every one starts speaking the way customer care of mobile compaies treat their customer when they call,”

Daughter would say, “Daddy, may I have ice cream ?”
Father would reply, “If you want now, press 1, if you want to have it later, press 2” ( laughter)

Daughter : Daddy, do you love me ?
Father : Your question is very important to us, please be online


While TATA-DOCOMO may think that making their caller to speak to human agent, “they are keeping it simple”, they should remember few points here about IVR :-

1. IVR is essentially a system which is capable of providing important information to caller on telephone in voice without any human intervention. While the same task can be performed by human, but machines perform better than human 24 hours a day with more efficiency as they don’t tire, they don’t take lunch break ( or attends natures call )!

2. A machine like IVR gets tired or bored unlike humn either it is morning or evening, summer or winter and can never abuse the caller even when abused or provoked by the caller!

3. Machines do not leave the job and join a rival company!

Finally, while IVR may not be the answer to all customer problems, but it can surely provide some information related to mobile phones like prepaid balance, listen to current bill amount and bill due date etc.

So, TATA Docomo should hire IVR specialist or VUI ( Voice User Interface) designer to make their customer care simpler and more efficient!

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  • Raja June 14, 2011, 7:49 pm

    Hi ttam, i have been your reader for more than a year, i like all your articles on this domain, with respect to IVR solution for customer i differ 🙂

  • Uttam Pegu June 18, 2011, 11:17 am

    Hi Raja,
    Thank you for writing!
    I agree with your disagreement but then I have to keep supporting usage of IVR in customer support and I oppose charging of customers some 50 paise per 3 minutes while speaking to CCE by Indian telecom operators.

    I liked your article 🙂

  • Vikrant Mishra April 23, 2013, 11:36 am

    Hi Tata Docomo,

    I have taken Tata Docomo 3G number but it hasn’t activated since last one month.
    I forgot the number of the sim card but i have the sim. So can find that number so that i can proceed further to get my number activated.

    Thank You

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