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IVRS can be directly compared with a website! So many people aptly say IVRS to be a Voice Portal. It does not compete with website, rather it complements the website. The way any organization has an website, it must have one IVRS too.

Some of the important reasons to have IVRS are:
1. Providing information about the company 24 hours a day. And customer does not have to come to the office of the company, rather he can just use his phone and make a call. Just like visiting a website.
2. Executive of a company has to provide same information again and again to different and new customers again and again. It can be made fully automated using an IVRS. It will not only reduce cost, it will also decrease the hold time for the customer.
3. IVR is used widely many enquiry and complaint logging systems. So in a service industry, having a IVRS is a must.
4. For customer support, with IVRS, many customer problems can be sorted out without any human intervention. Also, it helps gather the support engineer required mundane and routine information much faster helping both the customer and the company.

Some Industrial sectors that use IVRS or must use widely are:

1. Transport industry – Enquiry, Reservation and status.
2. Medical Industry – Reporting, Appointment, and immediate alert.
3. Banking – Account Information, Transaction Information, Tele-banking
4. Telecom – Subscriber Information, Service Activation-deactivation, Billing Information, many more.
5. Service Industry – Customer Support and scheduling of service
6. Manufacturing – Stock Update, Enquiry
7. BPO – IVRS is integral part of a call center

Any company that has a customer support division and complaint registration must have IVRS. It will greatly improve efficiency, lower cost, improve brand image. And much more!

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  • shailendra August 28, 2008, 4:35 am

    IVRS very useful and important for the company.

    Very useful information for IVRS developers and users.

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