Dynamic Menu in IVR Systems

Normally, every IVR has menus to guide a caller through its options to get required information or browse through to reach a human agent. These menus are normally short, specific to caller requirement as the IVR system is intended for. While many IVR has fixed menus, “Dynamic IVR Menu” can be used to increase better caller experience while using an IVR Syestem.

What is Dynamic Menu
Dynamic IVR Menu can be defined as menus that changes as per information provided by the caller. The very first information a caller provides is its caller id. Using this information IVR can retrieve many information of the caller. For example, it can retrieve if the caller is an existing customer, if he has called earlier if he has some pending complaints etc.
With these kind of information, the menu of the IVR could be changed to address the concerns of the caller much faster and better way.
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Large IVR Design Consideration

There are some IVR application which can be really large, catering to millions of daily callers. For example, any utility service like Gas Cylinder Booking System, Customer Care for nationalised banks etc. Normally, these services are controlled by one large organization centrally via huge network of branch offices, distributor/dealer network across length and breadth of a country.

So, designing and implementing a self service IVR for booking of gas cylinder may pose a big challenge while deciding a solution architecture.

For a large country like India, self service Gas Booking IVR is quite a challenge.

For example :-

It might be difficult to decide upon either using centralised IVR system catering to whole country or distributed or separate IVR system at different zones ( North, South East or West) might itself be quite difficult. While both architecture have advantages or disadvantages. Centralised IVR system will offer better utilisation of resources as well as maintenance, but distributed IVR systems may offer more uptime. Maintaining IVR systems in large geographical area may require big human resources.
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IVR for Online Classified Website

Online free Classified Websites allow anyone to post free advertisement to sell their goods, both old or new, services. OLX.IN is example of such website which is a free online platform of classifieds. It is a worldwide web which is currently working in India, and it offers a wide range of services, from education and jobs , the buying and selling of all type of products. They even have property section like flats in India in its category of classified listing! OLX is the next generation of free online classifieds.

IVR System can really help such online classified websites where some people may want to list their products in such websites and be connected instantly. Website owner can charge premium for such listing of products.

How IVR can help

Click To Call is a IVR service which can really be helpful for people who list their products for sale. Many buyer would prefer to speak to the seller instantly. While seller can surely give out his number in the listing, but click to call service would provide him a online MIS reporting system which is very useful.
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Virtual Receptionist Reduces Startup Failure by Validating Customer Assumptions

To the average layman the long odds nature of most business venture may look like bad risk reward calculus, but to the CEO of successful business undertaking, it eventually comes down to making the right calls (or customer assumptions) after carefully analyzing past data or results. Businesses run on these making-the-right-calls–at-the-spur-of-the-moment customer assumptions: customers will buy our product because our product is superior; customers will take the risk of changing their existing supplier; product will sell itself; competitors will respond on expected lines (or manner time and budget will not be a factor; production of goods and services will remain uninterrupted and so on. Many of these customer assumptions do come true – especially those extrapolated with past data or results.

However, a startup – defined as a company in its first stage of operation – does not have the data or past results needed for calibrating customer assumptions. Finding customer assumptions is akin to finding the proverbial needle in a haystack, with eyes blindfolded, and many a startup has bitten the dust moving as they were in the wrong direction on un-validated set of customer assumptions. For example, a startup having unrealistic expectations from their target market will tend to overprice their product or service offering pushing it towards failure.
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On-Premise and Cloud Bulk Voice Calling Solution

As the general election is nearing in world’s largest democracy with staggering 790 million eligible voters, India, many IVR companies are gearing up to provide bulk voice calling service to political parties. India has many political parties who which have official budget for the election in billions of dollar. For example, as per news paper, ruling Congress party has budget of Rs. 500 crore for social media while main opposition party has Rs. 400 crore.

So, it can be expected that many political parties will try to reach out their voters using bulk voice calling services from Cloud IVR providers in the run up to the elections which is likely in April/May 2014.

We have seen that, normally, political parties go for hosted IVR providers for their bulk voice calling near elections where they provide phone numbers as well as recorded audio message from candidates and call out to their voters in constituency.

But I think, it is time, political parties look for on premise solutions! On-premise IVR solutions for political parties can give them many advantages.
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IVR for Army Recruitment

Any national Army has to keep recruiting both officers and non-officers from various regions of the country periodically. It involves routine tasks which can be automated by using IVR ( Interactive Voice Response) system where prospective youths can get information about Army recruitment by just dialing IVR number.

Many youths willing to join Army require to know the exact criteria for selection as well as date of interview. Since, in a populous country like India, there are normally thousands of applicants for recruitment into the Army. So it is very difficult to provide such specific information manually either over phone or over the window!

With low penetration of news papers, internet or smartphones, IVR is the best solution to provide recruitment related information over phone.
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Single Click for Sending Multiple Greetings in this festival Season

Come Christmas time, this year, many small business owners along the length and breadth of the country will be using their mobile phones for sending voice greetings, pressing the send button only once. The people behind this Christmas service at Knowlarity Communications were also the first to bring cloud based telephony in India.

The holiday season, starting from the fourth week in November and continuing till the last week of December, is that time of the year when businesses show their appreciation to customers in attractive promotions and greetings for customers continued patronage. Historically, businesses have been using email service for this purpose, but the trend now is towards more personalization, and hence the fashion of using SMS messaging of late.

By subscribing to this service, SMEs will be able to send voice recorded Christmas greetings to multiple contacts at the push of a button, saving them the time and effort of typing message one by one. Moreover, messages sent through this system can be personalized to a greater extent helping businesses provide that human touch so missing in convention Christmas greetings.

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